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Royal Enfield Bullet C5 from Go Moto in Osseo Minnesota

Back in our December 2010 issue, we reviewed a Royal Enfield G5 Bullet. The bike was (very kindly) provided by Marty Mataya of Go Moto in Osseo Minnesota. The G5 was a lot of fun and worked VERY well. So well, in fact, that I started thinking about buying one.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that the last thing in need is more motorcycles/scooters in the garage. My lovely wife Beverly has tried everything to keep this sick obsession of mine under control. Now, she pretty much just rolls her eyes and shrugs her shoulders. "What has he done NOW?", she'll ask. I liked the Royal Enfield so much, I even agreed to GET RID OF some stuff from my garage. Why this particular bike?

Way back when, my first "real" motorcycle was a BSA Goldstar, a truly iconic British thumper. Memory has faded the level of difficulty in owning that bike. It required regular mechanical attention and was a pain in the backside to start, especially on cold, damp days. I'd frequently be on the point of giving up when it would catch. Five minutes in the saddle and the frustration was gone. The bruised shin didn't even hurt anymore. That machine is long gone, but the image of a classic single-cylinder motorcycle is still firmly rooted in my psyche. Spending time on a modern Royal Enfield convinced me that such a machine could be had WITHOUT the constant fiddling. I talked it over with Marty at Go Moto and he secured a beautiful Bullet C5 for me. I paid for it over the winter and received it on Monday, April 4th.

Royal Enfield Bullet C5 from Go Moto in Osseo Minnesota

The motorcycle as pictured here is dead stock with the exception of Enfield leather saddlebags. In the coming months, I will write updates as the motorcycle goes through break-in and as I add to it or modify it. My initial impressions are quite favourable. First and foremost - fuel injection on motorcycles and scooters rocks. A large percentage of the aforementioned fiddling with vintage bikes is tied to the fuel system. I'll admit there was a certain "cool" factor in knowing the magic procedure to starting one's vintage bike, but at my age I want to fire it right up and ride. The Enfield starts easily and runs well. As of today, I've only put 60 miles on it, so I can't really speak to fuel economy, top speed, or other tidbits.

Watch for future reports as the Royal Enfield Bullet C5 and I get to know each other.  

David L. Harrington


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