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Twin Cities Rider First Issue David Harrington
The First Issue of Twin Cities Rider

Thanks for taking a look at Twin Cities Rider. This is our first issue of what we hope will become your favourite source for motorcycle, scooter and moped information in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area.

Who are "we" and why are we doing this?
"We" are David Harrington and an assortment of contributors. I have been addicted to powered-two-wheeled-conveyances for nearly 40 years. Ever since I was a wee tike sneaking out on a friends fat-tire 50cc mini-bike (Mom & Dad had no idea, or so I tell myself) I have been hooked. Over the years I have owned and ridden just about every kind of 2-wheeled machine there is. From mini-bikes to mopeds to scooters to motorcycles I have enjoyed them all. Even after all these years I still can't seem to narrow my preference. I like them ALL. I like sportbikes AND cruisers. I like touring behemoths and small displacement standards. British thumpers? Love 'em. Modern Japanese fours? Wonderful machines. Twist-and-go automatic scooters? I ride one several days each week. I guess that's why this periodical exists. To spread the fun of all the 2-wheeled machines and share resources and activities in the Twin Cities area.

Are we just going to hear you ramble on and on?
Yes... and no. "Yes", I will likely get carried away as often as not and ramble aJordana Whyte bit. "No", it won't be just me. In this first issue I am pleased to present Jordana Whyte a local rider. Jordana makes her living as a grant writer and is (relatively) new to the world of riders. She has very bravely (or foolishly) agreed to provide her perspective in several areas and is already at work on articles for future issues. There are a number of other locals who have tentatively committed to contributing in future issues. If you are interested in participating, please let me know.

In this issue, we have Jordana's review of GoGo Gear. Designed from the ground up for women riders, GoGo Gear offers important safety features without having to look like a Power Ranger wannabe. We also have a Commuter Challenge that pits a 250cc Kawasaki Ninja against a 2500cc Kymco Scooter in daily commuting chores. The final article covers a little bit of history on the Honda Shadow motorcycle and discusses the ready availability of very fine used machines of this make and model including a short review.

Marty Mataya of Go MotoThis issue also introduces Marty Mataya's Winter Riding Adventures. Marty is the proprietor of Go Moto in Osseo and has promised to give us regular updates on his cold weather riding this season on board a Fly Scout which is based on the venerable Honda Cub. From Marty:

"Mother Nature has been kind this year, with warm sunny days and hardly a frost. But here it is mid November, the leaves are mostly gone, and many a bike has been put to bed for the winter.
We at Twin Cities Rider however are intent to soldier on through whatever Minnesota throws our way.
Thereís a purple Scout, named Snowflake, sitting neglected in the corner, what aPurple Fly Scout Honda Cub Clone perfect winter commuter. Itís small, light, low, to the ground. For most itís much easier to control a bike of this stature, on slippery surfaces, then a taller heavier bike. The 110 cc motor will propel it to around 50 MPH, just enough for city street commuting. The large fenders, enclosed chain, and leg shield will be helpful keeping off the crud. And it has a kickstart for cold weather backup to the electric starter. It will probably be a rusty mess in the spring, but for the cost of a new one, no big deal.
Soon it will be time to dust off the choppers, hike up my flannel lined skirt, and take Snowflake out into the snowflakes. Stay tuned."

Several features of this website are not necessarily associated with any single issue of Twin Cities Rider, but are here as resources for you. Our calendar page features a list of events in the Twin Cities area. The links page includes lists of area dealers and shops as well as groups & clubs. If you just can't get enough blather about motorcycles and scooters, check out the Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor podcasts or the Just-Gotta-Scoot podcasts. Of course it goes without saying that we desperately hope you will visit our sponsors and give them a chance to earn your business.

Twin Cities Rider will be published (more or less) monthly during the riding season and as appropriate during the winter. You can SUBSCRIBE HERE to receive email notification of new issues. Please CONTACT US if you have any questions or comments.


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