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Fulmer Modular Helmet Review

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Fulmer iShade modular helmet review

Fulmer MB iShade Modular HelmetIn our recent helmet guide we offered a brief description of the different types of helmets commonly available. One type in particular drew a lot of comments from you, our readers, and this month we are going to take a closer look at a modular helmet. The Fulmer modular iShade helmet is a relatively new design and incorporates a secondary tinted shield that retracts into the helmet.

Modular helmets offer full face coverage while being easier to put on and take off than conventional fullFulmer iShade sun-shield mechanism face helmets. The chin bar pivots up, and on some models can be removed converting the helmet into a three-quarter style (not the case with this Fulmer). The helmet in this review came to us courtesy of Scooterville/Mill City Motorcycles in Minneapolis. At this time, Fulmer helmets are not sold online and are available only at authorized Fulmer dealers. I applaud this as it really is important to try on a helmet before you purchase it. An uncomfortable or incorrectly sized helmet can be very unpleasant to wear when riding.

Fulmer MB iShade Modular Chin-bar mechanism

The Fulmer modular features a single release latch located at the center of the lowest part of the chinbar. Just push outward on the button and pivot the chinbar up. The latching system is made from a metal alloy and engages securely. The retractable internal sun shield is operated by a rocker switch on the port side lower part of the main body of the helmet. There are ventilation intakes on the chinbar and at the forehead. The opening and closing of the vent covers strikes me as a little weal and I can't but wonder how well these mechanisms will hold up over time. There are ventilation exhaust port on the upper/rear of the helmet. The interior liner is removable and washable. The helmet is held on with a conventional D ring retention system. The paint finish includes a UV protective clear coat. MSRP of the Fulmer MB iShade is $199. While checking around I found prices ranging from $175 to $199.

I tried this helmet and found it to be reasonably comfortable and I did like having the sun shield right there as part of the helmet. I wear glasses and the internal shield functioned just fine and did NOT interfere with my eyeglasses. I did think that the Fulmer modular was a pretty "loud" helmet. Generally speaking, more wind noise reaches the rider when wearing a modular than with a conventional full face helmet. My usual modular is a Nolan which is fairly quiet. More wind noise than I like was present with the Fulmer.

Overall I liked the design and features of the Fulmer and believe it is a good value for the price. I admit that my time with the Fulmer Modular was short, but we were able to convince local rider Karrie Vrabel to give us her opinions of this helmet which she owns.

David Harrington

Fulmer MB iShade modular helmet Karrie VrabelMy helmet experience began with a vintage open face motorcycle helmet then a 3/4 open face scooter helmet, then I upgraded to a Caberg modular. I've been wearing my new Fulmer Modular helmet for about a month. 

I'll start with the positive attributes of the Fulmer Modular helmet.

The ventilation is great. I wore the helmet in full sunlight when it was 93 degrees and I was stuck in stop and go traffic and my head did not sweat. This is a plus when trying to avoid helmet hair. It also has an adjustable windscreen to remove fog and to increase ventilation.

I have a size small and it fits comfortably without giving me a facelift like my Caberg modular helmet did when I first wore it. 

I love that the inner lining is removable by way of velcro and snaps so that it can beFulmer iShade removable washable liner hand washed. 

The style is more compact but in an original Battlestar Gallactica Cylon sort of way. It is more light weight than my Caberg so that when I stretch my neck I don't feel like I am going to fall over. 

The drop down sun shield is large and perfectly tinted. There is no need for sunglasses underneath the shield. 

The not so perfect aspects of the Fulmer modular in my opinion are as follows;

Yes, it has great ventilation but the sliding mechanisms are hard to find and move while wearing the helmet and the noise level was louder than I was used to. 

The sun shield is great if you can find and gently operate the lever to adjust it. 

While the helmet can be adjusted to fit snug with the strap and snap, it takes too long to get the helmet on and off. I suggest converting to the metal click and release.  

Overall, I like the Fulmer Modular helmet, but I think there is an adjustment period with wearing it.

Karrie Vrabel


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