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Small Spot Clock


Clocks4Bikes adhesive spot clock

Cloks4Bikes Adhesive Spot-ClockIn May of 2011 we reviewed the stem-mount clock from Clocks4Bikes on a Royal Enfield C5. We received a lot of e-mails about that review (thank you very much) and several people asked about a smaller, stick-on spot clock other than the one available from Formotion. We contacted Clocks4Bikes and they sent out the spot-clock shown here.

The time-keeping component is pretty much the same as the one on our stem-mount unit. That is to say it's a good quality piece with a Miyota (Citizen) movement. It arrived in similar packaging to the stem-mount clock and includes the fantastic warranty: 3 Years Even If You Lose It . It's the housing that the clock sits in that's different as well as the mounting (adhesive). The housing is a simple, well-made cylindrical cup that holds the clock. it came with a 3M adhesive disk on the base PLUS two spare adhesive disks in the packaging.

Clocks4 Bikes Spot Clock

Mounting this spot-clock is very easy - make sure you select a flat mounting point and make sure that are is clean. I use a mild cleaner to remove surface dirt and any wax. Next, remove the protective paper from the adhesive disk and place the housing in the location you want. Press firmly to seat. The clock has a gasket to create a decent "friction" attachment between the body of the clock and the housing. Line the clock up carefully, and push it STRAIGHT in to the housing. That's it, you're done.

Installing Adhesive Spot Clock

I was originally planning to put this spot clock on my wife's Genuine Buddy scooter, but is sits kind of high, and her Buddy has a flush mounted speedometer pod. The spot clock just didn't look "right" on this scooter. Instead, I selected a Fly Scout (based on the famous Honda Cub) that's in my garage. The speedometer pod is raised and I think the Clocks4Bikes spot clock looks great.

Clocks4Bikes Spot Clock on Fly Scout

As you can see from the picture, the Clocks4Bikes spot clock is quite a bit bigger than the Formotion spot clock. I think the Formotion version is too small and is difficult to read, especially with a quick glance. I have also heard from severalClocks4Bikes and Formotion Spot Clock Size people that the bezel tends to fall of of this clock. The clock still functions just fine, but looks ugly without the bezel. This has not happened to me and I have two Formotion spot clocks on bikes - each of them is at least three years old.

In the $40ish price range, the Clocks4Bikes stick on spot clock is a good value and they offer a warranty that can't be beat. 

David Harrington


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